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Holly is the best dog we have ever owned! We thank you again for the training you gave her before we got her from you.

She has been to classes and can sit, wait, don't touch, leave it, shake (that is often resister) lay down, lay flat, roll over, no. She never touches any food unless I ok it.
In the pictures she decided to make her own bed on the couch.
Again thanks for a wonderful dog!
 http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZS Barbara


Thanks to everyone

for sending in their

pictures and letters!








Happy Holidays from The Nash’s!

 I thought I would share a recent picture of Sammy (son of Dreamer and Ivy) and give you a little update on one of your babies– he’ll be 4 in August.  He has a fantastic personality and is smarter than most people!  Sammy LOVES anything that squeaks but can hone in on the squeaker and have it pulled out from any ball or toy in less than 3 minutes.  Have not found a toy with a squeaker in it where he can’t get to it in less than 3 minutes – cute to watch.  He’s very smart!

Sammy  brings a lot of laughter and joy to all of us.   We’ll continue to share with time.

Hope your holidays were fantastic!  Happy New Year!

Patty Nash
Patty Nash




And I was worried about her getting along with cats!

She’s named Shasa, which means “Shelter” in the Sherpa language.

Cute cute cute and sassy as they come.  But good at adapting her energy level to be appropriate to her environment – better than most people I know!

Thanks for a great dog, Elizabeth.  

Best regards

Jann Mouer

Madeline and Bacci

Hi Elizabeth,

Please feel totally free to use me as reference for you and your puppies
anytime. Bacci is a totally incredible puppy
and like none that I have ever raised. Easy, smart and insanely loveable.
Thank-you Elizabeth @ Ivy Gables!


Ruta Hodgson






Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to give you a little update on Sage-now known as 'Woofy' (Evan named her!).  She's doing great.  She seems quite attached to us and took some time to become more attached to Evan but is gradually evening out.  She has been great with going to the bathroom outside.  I've had a walker come twice a day while I'm at work so she is going out frequently but not always peeing.  I figure it's good for her to get the activity.  She seems quite eager to please and has quickly learned to 'sit' at doors and take treats gently.  I can't wait to get to know her even better!






Dash and the Pipers


Dear Elizabeth,

Just wanted to check in and let you know how happy we are to have Dash in our family.  He's made an easy transition and seems to be very happy with us.  We, of course, LOVE him.  The boys are so happy and my husband is now jealous of the time I spend with the new "love of my life"  Dash is exactly what you described.  He's pretty calm and beautiful, but mostly, has a WONDERFUL disposition with the children,

I've given your name to a few friends who might be calling.

Take care and have a great new year.

Meg Piper




Elizabeth, we just celebrated Tibbi’s third birthday on July 9th.  She is our pride and joy!  We have decided that we will never be without a Tibetan Terrier.  She is the perfect family companion for us.  We adore her!!!  I have attached a few pictures of her.  She is beautiful!!! 

Kathy and Mark Salonia

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