Ivy Gables Tibetan Terriers

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Conditions of Sale of Pet Puppy

Seller Agrees:

1. To sell to buyer the following Tibetan Terrier Puppy:

AKC Number: ______________________________________

Co-Breeder: _____________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________________________

Sex & Color: _____________________________________

Sire: ________________________________________________________

Dam: ________________________________________________________

Hereinafter referred to as "the puppy"

2. To provide the puppies pedigree, health records and instructions for care. SELLER will forward the original AKC individual registration form upon receipt of proof of spaying/neutering.

3. That at the time of transfer, the puppy is in good health with no known medical problems.



Buyer Agrees:

1.     Pay SELLER the sum of $

2.     To have puppy checked by veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase and should puppy by deemed to be unhealthy to forward proof to         breeder at which time steps may be taken to rectify if possible or a refund will be provided when puppy is returned

3.    To provide the puppy with a good home environment (as opposed to a kennel) and to make every effort to keep the puppy in good health and condition.

4.    To provide adequate medical attention to puppy when needed by licensed veterinarian. This shall include providing immunizations                against  rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, coronavirus, and parvovirus. This shall further include keeping the puppy free from flea's or other parasites.

5.    To spay/neuter the puppy before the puppies first birthday and to forward proof of spaying/neutering to SELLER.

6.    To NEVER tie or chain dog outdoors, but rather to provide either a fenced yard for dog or to walk dog on a leash.

7.    The puppy purchased herein must bear the kennel name IVY GABLES as the first name in it's AKC registered name.

8.    To contact the breeder should you decide not to keep the puppy

Buyer and Seller agree:











Monies enclosed:

Cost of puppy    ________________________________

Non Refundable Deposit  *________________________

Shipping Costs    ________________________________

Balance Due    __________________________________    

Total     ________________________________________


* Puppy selection is done at 6 weeks old ( when we know temperaments ) and at that time goes by date of deposit; first deposit getting first choice of available puppies, second deposit getting second choice of available puppies etc.  Refunds on deposits are only given if Ivy Gables cannot supply puppy as promised.  We only guarantee a puppy from a certain litter and it's gender. No refund is given for colors or markings not being satisfactory although breeder agrees to do everything possible to ensure you get a puppy as close to what you requested as possible.  If there isn't a puppy in the litter you want after putting in a deposit you are given the option of moving your deposit to the next litter.    Breeder has the right to choose a puppy first if keeping one. 

Please initial that you have read and agree: