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Stewed Chicken  for dogs


I use this to top whatever high quality kibble I am using. We do this 3 chickens at a time because we have a freezer and that's how many I can fit in this pan
but for most people one would be more than enough.
1 chicken
enough water to cover chicken
optional ingredients:
3 or 4 carrots cut up
1/2 cup brown or white rice
garlic powder
Put chicken in pan and cover with water.  Cook until all the bones are off the meat and the meat has a shredded appearance.  Using tongs, remove all bones.  Remember you want this pretty brothy.  Don't worry if you don't get all  the bones out as you'll be able to easily remove them when you mix it with the kibble later. Add any optional ingredients and continue cooking until they are soft.  Let cool and divide into serving sizes appropriate for a few days and freeze.  I used to use sandwich bags to freeze the individual portions in  because after filling I could flatten the bags and mazimize my freezer space . This works well but when you take them out to thaw place it in a bowl as the expansion from freezing will  make holes in the corners that allows the broth to leak while thawing.  This will last most most homes weeks.
If you want to make the chicken last longer or want to do something else for a change we sometimes use 1/2 chicken and 1/2 canned Pedigree food mixed with a little warm water for a topping.  I only use the canned foods that say "traditional " across the top for this.  I don't use the slices and gravy type of canned foods.
Remember, the  large cooked chicken bones  ( the ones that can splinter) are dangerous . Make sure to remove them.  
We are big on places like Sam's Club or Costco where you can get a 2 pack of chickens for about $7.  A 5lb bag of carrots or a large bag of rice is pretty inexpensive as well.
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