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Doggie Trail Mix

For puppies these chunks could be cut smaller
1 lb. of lowfat chicken hotdogs
1/2 cup of cheese
 Cheddar, colby, or any inexpensive cheese will do
2 cups  cereal
Cheerio's or Chex's
1/2 cup of rolled dog food
I use Redbarn or Natures brand ; you can get this at a pet store
Put the cereal into the container you plan to store in.   Open package of hotdogs and drain liquid from hotdogs onto the cereal.  Close container and shake to
coat cereal with liquid.  Cut the hotdogs , cheese an rolled dog food into nickel size pieces.  Add to cereal and mix.  Store in fridge.    Note: hotdogs are precook
and need no additional cooking.
Training Treats
I also use plain hot dogs cut into nickel sized pieces and then cut again in 1/2 for training dogs and puppies.   I keep a few pieces in my pocket whenever I take
a puppy out to potty when I'm housetraining and give it to them immediately after they potty along with a profuse amount of praise for doing the deed in the
correct place.   95% of housetraining a puppy is giving them positive feedback for doing it in the correct place rather than punishing for doing in the wrong place.
For puppies these could be cut into 1/4's



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